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Charleston, SC and surrounding communities

Anita Coward - Executive Director

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Located in the Charleston Baptist Church | 13 San Miguel Road Charleston, SC 29407

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Important Registration Information

Who can register for H.E.L.P. classes?

H.E.L.P. registration is available to families who choose to traditionally homeschool all of their children as well as those families who may choose to traditionally homeschool some of their children while choosing traditional public or private education for one or more of their children.
At this time H.E.L.P. registration is not open to families who choose to use Virtual Charter Schools for some children while homeschooling some of their other children. Virtual Charter Schooling falls under the authority of the state and H.E.L.P. partners with the parent, not the state.

Entry Interview for 7th – 12th grade students

Beginning in the 7th grade, accountability increases in class work and homework. For this reason, an interview is required to be able to thoroughly outline the academic commitment required and determine the family’s willingness and ability to commit. Any new student entering 7th or above classes, along with one or both parents, must successfully complete an entry interview before registration is processed.

Schedule your entry interview if you are registering a 7th -12th grade student for the first time. Returning 7th-12th grade students are not required to interview. Interviews times must be reserved in advance. To schedule an interview, email the director, 
[email protected]